Automated Intelligence for Maintenance 


Knowing what’s going on in real-time with process equipment is critical to your business. Because of its immense ROI potential, you may be considering implementing a predictive maintenance (PdM) program. Trying to coordinate multiple hardware and software vendors – especially a team that knows your business – is a hassle. Installation and configuration of an IIoT monitoring system yourself, no less interpreting and mitigating process equipment problems, is time-consuming, complicated, and risky as well.

The OTC family of companies has been providing process equipment and reliability solutions to the industrial sector for decades. We are the only industrial equipment experts to offer a true turnkey PdM solutions package that targets your specific application and equipment needs. With OTC, you can count on technical expertise, operational integrity and superior local service.

AiM is our end-to-end technology and engineering program that provides automated intelligence for maintenance teams, combined with local proactive repair solutions that minimize unscheduled downtime — saving substantial money in lost productivity and escalated repair costs.

AiM’s turnkey service and custom-configured/programmed system includes:
    • Hydraulic Institute certified system assessment
    • best-in-class, reliable hardware components
    • complete customization to suit your application(s), including component configuration and programming
    • on-site installation and testing
    • cloud-based dashboard offering real-time data, historical data storage**
    • secure, high-speed wireless service or connection to your IT network**
    • 24/7 remote monitoring as a service (MaaS) by the same team that designed and installed your system
    • OEM certified equipment maintenance/repair services

**We will work with your IT security protocols to ensure safe transfer of data that meets
your requirements. We have multiple options available.

AiM - An OTC partnership with industry leading experts

A smartly devised predictive maintenance strategy can increase production line availability 5–15% and reduce maintenance costs by 18–25%.*

AiM is the only true end-to-end completely customized condition monitoring system, MaaS, repair, and support services solution on the today. 

*McKinsey & Company, Dig


Phantom Vibration Sensor Class leading Bluetooth sensor

A complete technology, MaaS, analysis + repair solution

AiM systems include EVERYTHING, from assessing system needs and custom configuring/programming your PdM system, to installation
and MaaS (monitoring as a service). We’ll supply periodic reporting, analysis, and even provide expert repair. AiM is the only PdM program
that is this comprehensive, with this degree of customization – and with a dedicated local team throughout your PdM journey that builds
equity in your process. We do all the heavy lifting, saving your team time and ensuring maximum uptime.


Certified System Analysis


Custom PdM System Design


PdM Equipment Programming


On-Site Installation


24/7 Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) 


Periodic Reporting + Analysis


PdM Alerts + Recommended  Action Plan


OEM-certified Repair


Inventory Programs

We combine System Audits and Root-Cause Failure Analysis with Condition Monitoring

We can monitor:

• Vibration • Current
• Oil • Pressure
• Speed • Thermal Imaging
• Temperature • Other third party sensors

Unmatched flexibility + scalability to match your needs

The AiM system’s competitive strengths include its flexibility/customization of hardware, software, and networking, the deep expertise of our engineering team, and our comprehensive local support services. Once installed and tested, you can monitor
and interpret trends yourself, or engage our AiM team to manage some or ALL aspects of your PdM program, straight through repair.

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