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Air Technologies® is a total industrial solutions provider, representing the most successful global brand, Atlas Copco. We are North America‚Äôs largest independent compressor distributor and service center, and while bigger does not always mean better, we have never lost sight of our customers. We use our success to reinvest in the things that matter most to our customers and our talented associates who serve them.

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Air Technologies® is now OTC! Learn how OTC can help support your business.



At Air Technologies®, we understand that your compressed air and inert gas delivery systems play a vital role in your production processes. Delivering air and inert gas in the most efficient and cost-effective way can make a drastic difference in your productivity and ultimately your bottom line. This is why Air Technologies® offers an aluminum solution to help you mitigate the issues created by traditional piping products. The aluminum piping system is made from high quality, durable components that:

  • Save installation time with patented “quick connection” fittings on projects up to 6” in diameter
  • Lower energy costs by reducing system pressure drop and eliminating leakage
  • Do not corrode or add contaminates to the system
  • Can be assembled and disassembled for easy modification of the system layout
  • Are extremely lightweight for minimal impact on roof load
  • Include a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Provide a cost-effective, energy efficient solution for “green” initiatives and rebates
  • Can add dollars to your bottom line
Air Compressor Rental

Air Technologies® is happy to offer an extensive line of air compressor rental equipment that will make sure you don’t lose any of your valuable time and resources. While our highly trained service and repair technicians are working on your equipment, our air compressor rentals are here to ensure that you’re not losing productivity.

Our emergency air compressor rental options are here to help your company fulfill all of its air compressor needs, whether it’s to help while your regular unit is being repaired or while it waits for a new location, Air Technologies® has the rental products for you.

Learn more about how the Air Technologies® Advantage can make sure that you never have to stop working because your equipment stops working. We stand behind all of our products and our rentals, just like we stand behind all of our clients.

Call 1-866-468-9814 for 24/7 emergency and after hours rental service.

Air Compressor Rentals:

  • Stationary air compressor – electric
  • Portable air compressor – diesel/gas
  • Lubricated
  • Oil free
Accessories Rentals:
  • Air dryers
  • Filtration
  • Hoses & connections
Used Equipment

All used equipment has been examined by our experienced professional technicians and repaired or reconditioned where necessary. The condition of equipment and availability of warranties vary. Please contact Air Technologies® for further information.

Customer Service Agreement

Air Technologies® offers a wide variety of preventive maintenance agreements to suit each customer’s needs and provide the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the equipment. At the core of every maintenance agreement is a detailed 30-point inspection to make certain that your compressor system is operating at 100%. Customer service agreements (CSA’s) are customized to each customer’s needs. Monitoring is available to further promote maximum uptime and reliability and prevent costly unplanned downtime.

Air Technologies® Customer Service Agreements (CSA) result in

  • Lower costs: Fewer breakdowns and interruptions in your production
  • Knowledge and Experience: Equipment serviced by factory-trained technicians utilizing factory OEM spare parts
  • Extended life: Well-maintained equipment that lasts years longer
  • No worries: Equipment maintained at the highest possible level, diminishing risk and making service worry-free



Air Compressors

Find the perfect match for your compressed air needs with Atlas Copco air compressors. We carry a range of air compressors that come with a host of innovative smart features that maximize reliability, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs. 


Air Dryers & Filtration

Complete your compressed air system with Atlas Copco compressed air dryers, air filtration products and pneumatic air dryers. We carry the following products: FX 1-21 Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryers, FD Cycling Refrigerated Dryers, CD Heatless Desiccant Dryers, BD Heated Blower Purge Desiccant Dryers, MD Heat of Compression Dryers, SD 1-7 Membrane Dryers, DD, DDp, PD and QD Filters, and UD Filters. 


Cooling Systems

HydroThrift cooling systems provide solutions to many applications. HydroThrift is a world-wide supplier of packaged, closed-loop fluid heating and cooling systems. Its experience with a wide variety of industrial equipment cooling applications has enabled it to become a specialists in the design, engineering and fabrication of custom heating and cooling systems, whether it’s evaporative, dry air, shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchangers or a combination of cooling methods. HydroThrift inspects, tests and rebuilds all types of heat exchangers. Some Intercoolers and Aftercoolers are stocked, others have very short lead times and pricing that can be 75% less than new.

Compressed Air Blowers 

Find the perfect blowers and low pressure compressors for your processes and low pressure applications. We carry the following: Low pressure Oil free Compressors ZE/ZA2-4 both fix speed and Variable speed drive (30 -315 HP and pressure up to 60 Psig), Oil free screw ZS Blowers both fix speed and Variable speed drive (25 – 500 HP and pressure up to 22 Psig), and Oil free tri Lobe ZL Blowers both fix speed and Variable speed drive (2 – 335 HP and pressure up to 14.5 Psig).

Nitrogen Products

 On-site nitrogen generators allow you to produce your own nitrogen, requiring only a supply of compressed air. Compared to the on-demand delivery of gas bottles or tanks, on-site production of nitrogen gas helps companies meet application needs while achieving significant cost savings — reducing nitrogen costs by an average of 80%. Air Technologies supply Membrane Nitrogen Generators (NGM, NGM+) and PSA Nitrogen Generators (NGP, NGP+). 

Compressed Air Piping 

At Air Technologies®, we understand that your compressed air and inert gas delivery systems play a vital role in your production processes. Aluminium compressed air piping delivers air and inert gas in the most efficient and cost-effective way, which drastically increases your productivity and ultimately your bottom line. This is why Air Technologies® offers an aluminum solution to help you mitigate the issues created by traditional piping products.


General Manufacturing

We offer services with an unparalleled combination of purchasing power, technical expertise and value-added services to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our expert manufacturer supply staff will work with your team to help make your products smaller, faster and more energy-efficient, improving the capabilities of your machines and outperforming your competitors. With our vast product offering, you can consolidate the number of vendors you work with and standardize your key products — allowing you to dramatically simplify your supply chain. Better still, you can create standard solutions that support your customers in all corners of the globe.


America’s medical technology companies play a pivotal role in diagnosing and providing quality treatment options for patients, improving outcomes, lowering health care costs and promoting economic growth. We make sure to provide the medical industry with our air services and save lives with our work everyday

Food & Beverage

We understand that your food or beverage plant can’t afford long periods of downtime for maintenance. We also understand that you are balancing the need to control your costs while improving the quality and safety of the products you offer your customer base. Through our unique combination of products and services, we can provide the solutions you need to keep your plant running at optimum efficiency while offering you innovative products that improve your profitability and the quality of your product. That is why we are proud to call so many food manufacturing and beverage manufacturing organizations our customers


Your chemical plant runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can’t afford the cost of an unexpected shutdown. We understand the need to keep running while controlling costs. That’s why so many companies in the chemical process industry turn to Air Technologies. Focused on quality? We are too — with products to help monitor, maintain and ensure that you meet quality standards. Worried about safety? We can also help you achieve your safety and environmental goals. Our products get high marks for safe performance and many of our solutions support your projects from material handling to disaster prevention.

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