Recruiting Scams – Be Alert - Ohio Transmission Corp

Recruiting Scams – Be Alert

Recruiting scams have become more common recently and they are becoming more sophisticated and disguised to job candidates. It’s important to watch for these types of scams and be diligent as a job seeker.

Recruitment fraud from groups pretending to be OTC (or its sister companies)—or claiming to represent OTC—may be sent in a variety of formats, including e-mail, text, and letter. Most often, an e-mail is sent offering employment with the company. These e-mails often look legitimate and will include details of the employment supposedly on offer, such as job description, salary, and benefits.

All of our openings are posted on our careers page. If you are unsure whether a job is valid or not, please check this website.

Additionally, we want you to know that OTC and its partner companies will never do any of the following during our recruitment process:

  • Contact you with an email address such as gmail, yahoo, etc.
  • Ask for payment in order to be considered for one of our openings
  • Ask for personal bank account information or your social security number prior to being offered a position

If you feel you may have been subjected to an employment scam, please contact your local authorities.