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The service relationship begins with our comprehensive System Evaluation and Inspection. We’ll thoroughly evaluate the functionality, efficiency, and condition of your equipment and provide you with a written report detailing our findings and recommendations. 

Our system evaluation is designed to detect problems before they lead to equipment downtime and to extend the life of your automatic powder unit. However, if you do need repairs to your equipment OTC has the expertise necessary to get you back up and running



Our expert technicians are ready to deliver top-notch repairs in-house and on-site, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal performance for your equipment.

We repair:

• Manual Spray Guns • Electric Pumps
• Automatic Spray Guns • Manual Powder Guns
• Electrostatics • Automatic Powder Guns
• Diaphragm Pumps • Dispense Equipment
• Piston Pumps • Plural Component                  Equipment


Our expert team conducts thorough assessments, providing valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your operations.

We offer:

• Booth Airflow Audit
• Manual Powder Unit Inspection
• Automatic Powder System Audit
• Equipment Testing
• Preventive Maintenance


Service agreements offer proactive maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns and downtime.


We offer: 

• System Audits
• Preventive Maintenance
• Field Service
• Training

Service and Repair

Automatic Powder System

While powder coating may be one of the final steps in your production process, it plays a crucial role in shaping your customers' initial perceptions. To ensure seamless operations and deliver products with impeccable finish quality, you require a system that offers consistent uptime, uniform coating, and minimal material wastage right from the start.

 We Offer:  

  • Powder Pump:
    • Flow tests
    • Hose correction calibration
    • Voltage verification
    • Reclaim efficiency
    • Operational diagnostics
    • Booth air flow
    • Floor cleaning
    • Duct cleaning
  • Disassembly and cleaning:
    • Guns
    • Reclaim systems
    • Powder delivery and transfer
  • Replacement:  
    • Guns
    • Powder hoses


  • Evaluation and Inspection:
    •  Booth air handling and filtration
    • Electrical and fire safety systems
    • Gun movers, if applicable
    • Powder storage, delivery and transfer
    • Powder reclaim
    • Powder application and control
    • Booth grounding, floor cleaning, and duct cleaning
    • Recovery system
    • Powder management center


Dispense System

Improper application of sealants and adhesives can lead to defects and recalls, while down equipment leads to lost production. You need to keep your customers happy, your employees productive, and your line going with dispensing system maintenance and repair services. 


We offer:

  • Disassembly and Cleaning:  
    • Stick pump
    • Meter
    • Valve
  • Diagnosis and Calibration
    • Ratio validation
    • Dispense accuracy
    • Material pressure and flow
    • Supply air quality
  • Equipment Serviced:  
    • Meter mix
    • Pumps
    • Valves and regulators


  • 1K and 2K Systems:
    • Disassembly and cleaning
    • Rebuilds
    • Repair
  • Machine Rebuilds:  
    • Air cylinder
    • Check valve
    • Rear pump seals
    • Valve soft seats
    • Soft seat to hard seat conversions 

Manual Powder System

Powder coating is one of the last processes in your shop, but finish quality is one of the  first impressions for your customers. To keep your shop flowing efficiently and your products looking their best you need a system with highuptime, uniform coating, and high transfer efficiency. 

We Offer:  

  • Diagnoses and Calibration: 
    • Transfer efficiency
    • Electrostatic verification
    • Operational audit
    • Compressed air quaility
  • Repair:   
    • Manual gun
    • Powder injector
    • Controller components


  • Disassembly and Cleaning:
    • Wear part inspection
    • Manual gun
    • Powder injector
    • Fluidizing unit
  • Unit Replacement:   
    • Controller
    • Manual gun
    • Powder injector
    • Pneumatic group
    • Gun cables
    • Upgrades

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