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Laron has built services around providing the Preferred Total Solution; this means, no matter the problem they have the tools and innovation to provide a solution. Delivering superior products and services to reduce your down time is their priority. Laron provides machining, fabrication/welding and mechanical services to repair or build new equipment for the mining and power industry. Laron can support your needs from their machining shops or in the field. They are here to help get the job done.



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1881 E University Dr
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Electric Motors

Laron specializes in helping you to select the proper electric motor for your application. We can customize electric motors to be drop-in replacement for your vintage electric motors or new applications. Laron’s team has extensive knowledge of different manufacturers and models to make sure you get the exact motor for the right price. All of Laron’s electric motors go through a 26-point quality inspection prior to shipping. We deliver solutions, not commodities.


Gearboxes are used to increase torque while reducing the speed of an output shaft.  The output shaft rotates at a slower rate than that of the input shaft thus creating a mechanical advantage through this reduction in speed. Gearboxes help provided controlled application of power and can be configured to increase shaft speed with the reduction of torque. Our wide range of selections can help you move the heaviest of loads. We supply sizes with torques from 90 lb-in up to 2,200,000 lb-in. 

Motor Protection Relays

Laron offers motor protection relays that provide motor overcurrent protection that can be installed in an enclosure, contactor, or a panel. Includes multiple RTD inputs for stator thermal protection. LARON Inc. supplies and repairs all types of electric motor protection devices and strategies for both AC and DC electric motors for sale including surplus electric motors and remanufactured low and medium voltage electric motors of all types and all manufacturers.

Variable Frequency Drives

Laron can also incorporate Variable Frequency Drives into larger enclosures with incoming power disconnects, input contactors and thermal overloads to provide a complete system. Mounting feet are available on most enclosures. Using the properly selected Variable Frequency Drive can reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting to changing operating conditions.  We can help you select the correct Variable Frequency Drive type and size to meet your needs.



Electrical generation requires special skill sets and an deep understanding about planning for plant outages, having the engineering support and technical expertise for complex repairs and modifications, and having a skilled work force that’s able to turn on a dime to respond to immediate needs. Bottom line: we work with our customers to efficiently complete complex technical outages and repairs. Whether it’s a planned outage or an emergency, we have the solutions to keep power in motion.


Mining operations call upon us for solutions to tough problems. There isn’t a segment that’s harder on equipment than hard rock mining. Laron’s roots run deep in hard rock. It’s where we were born and it’s the neighborhood, we grew up in. Mineral processing covers the full gamut of crushing, transporting, rendering, enriching, and refining the ore into product. A wide range of skills are required for a truly full solution services provider to safely tear down and inspect damaged or worn equipment, access the best repair strategy, and where necessary, remove, package and transport the equipment to a Laron off-site facility for electrical and mechanical repair.

More than a simple repair service, we can design and evaluate and manufacture custom solutions for the most difficult repairs in the industry. From valves to specialized high chrome alloy piping, to pumps and motors.

  • Laron helps improve equipment and plant reliability and availability thanks to our vast experience in plant maintenance, inventory optimization, brownfield and refurbishment.
  • Laron has a dedicated workforce of the most skilled and experienced turnaround crew in the industry and offer our clients a full range of superior Piping and Specialty Welding services to support turnarounds and capital projects.
  • With some of the most experienced technicians in the business, Laron offers repair, maintenance, overhaul and testing of major high-speed motors and pumps either on site or in our fully equipped machine shops.
Water and Waste Water
Laron provides water treatment equipment, supplies, and services which allow our customers to efficiently and cost effectively decontaminate water and wastewater. We repair a wide range of water treatment equipment from pumps, controls, instrumentation and filters, motors, chemical feed systems, and tanks.

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

  • Pump overhaul
  • Motor overhaul
  • Filter change-out
  • De-alkalizer repair
  • Motor repair
  • New motor sales
  • New pump sales
  • Clarifier repair
  • Clarifier drive repair and installation
Laron provides the skills and equipment to meet the utilization needs of your plant to maintain efficiency. We respond quickly to your downtime needs and have excellent turnaround time on repairs.

Manufacturing Facilities solutions to keep manufacturing plants in motion:

  • Maintenance
  • Conveyor repair
  • Boring
  • Generator repair
  • Actuator overhaul
  • System design
  • Equipment installation
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