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Contrast Equipment provides complete fluid handling and paint finishing solutions that improve quality, increase production and reduce costs. Our finishing experts are here to support you throughout the lifecycle of your finishing equipment. We offer a wide range of service, solutions and repair.


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Contrast Equipment is now OTC! Learn how OTC can help support your business.


Service and Repair

An in-house service department with decades of experience enables Contrast to provide world-class repair, service, and support for our customers. Our technicians are available for travel to your facility for on-site repairs and service. We have a complete service department for equipment installations, fabrication, in-house component rebuilding, testing, and field service repairs. All service technicians are factory trained and Contrast stands behind every piece of equipment provided.


Contrast Equipment supplies fluid handling equipment, related supplies and individual components, and complete engineered finishing systems that include spray booths, burn off ovens, powder coating, liquid coating, and wood coating. Contrast’s in-house engineering department designs and integrates components and complete finishing systems using CAD capabilities. We then install and implement your equipment and systems so everything works seamlessly together from the get go.

Consulting and Training

Contrast has the expertise and experience to analyze your paint finishing and fluid handling process and design the optimum solution to fit your needs – from the beginning of the production line until the product goes out the door. As a full service provider, we offer in-house training to help our customers improve their finishing processes, like powder coating and liquid applications. We can also teach your people how to inspect the quality of your products after the finishing process has been completed, and provide advice how to get the most out of your products and systems. These sessions are hands-on seminars usually conducted in our lab. On-site maintenance and operator training is also available for the products we carry and the systems we install.



Spray Guns

Contrast has been offering wide varieties of fine paint spray guns to our customers . We carry top spray gun brands such as Bink, Devilbliss. Built to provide outstanding coating atomization, Our products maintain EPA compliance while producing superior finish performance.




With the largest selection of dispense valves and meter mix technology solutions Contrast cater for all your dispensing applications. We provide variety of vendors for finishing equipment, sealants and adhesives, protective coatings, process equipment, and diaphragm pumps.


Contrast engages our local in-house repair shops so you don’t have to worry about the operation of your pumps.  As your industrial pump supplier, Contrast enables you to continue to reduce your vendor base while keeping the technical support you require to keep your equipment running properly.



Pressure Tanks

Contrast offers wide variety of pressure tanks. We carry excellent range of pressure tanks from Graco. Pressure pots are a crucial to achieving the right pressure before the paint reaches the spray gun. Available in two to 15 gallons, with and without agitators, Graco pressure pots are precision welded and surfaced. They also allow for different feed methods. Order paint pressure pot liners for easy cleanup without a mess.




Wood Industry

Industrial finishing is an important part of the wood products and furniture industry. Appearance and protection of the wood surfaces is an important feature of the product. Wood finishing is one of the last processes in the manufacture of furniture or cabinets and the first thing seen on the retail floor. We at Contrast can help you with all your wood finishing projects with our great vendors and expert sales people.

Automotive OEM

As an award-winning Tier 1 supplier to top automotive manufacturers, we understand that the automotive industry is volatile to say the least. It’s good to know you can count on a Tier 1 supplier to help you achieve your critical cost, quality and delivery goals. In addition to supplying the quality products, equipment and parts you need to manufacture your products, Contrast can help you keep your plant running and improve your business’ efficiency. We offer services and support designed to eliminate your downtime, reduce your on-hand inventory, control your costs and meet your energy reduction goals.

General Industries

At Contrast, the broad range of products we supply, and support combined with the superior technical expertise and knowledge of our people, has allowed us to become an invaluable partner to companies in a wide range of industries. Contrast can provide the solution. Whether your main concern is weathering exceptionally tough conditions or ensuring consistent and precise output, we have solutions to handle the demands of your industry. We’re a one-stop shop that can equip your plant with products and deliver service offerings ranging from reliable front-end project engineering support to responsive maintenance and repair, effectively minimizing unexpected downtime.

Agriculture Industry

Contrast provides the most comprehensive line of paint booths and finishing systems for the agricultural industries. Offering high-quality, long-lasting solutions, Contrast is the preferred source of paint booths and finishing systems for large equipment and vehicles. Our paint booths and finishing equipment allow businesses to produce a superior quality finish in the most efficient manner. In addition to a complete line of pre-engineered paint booths, we offer custom solutions to meet customers’ specific configuration and usability requirements.

Boat/RV Industry

Contrast is a valuable source for your Boat finishing needs. Choose from standard catalogue paint booths to finish your yachts, barge, or any other type of vessel. Paint booths are also an integral part of boat yards performing maintenance and repair of marine components. Marine original equipment manufactures often rely on Contrast's solution specific engineering and designs to powder coat or paint new vessel at the assembly plant. Contrast also offers: sanding, grinding, gelcoat, layup and cure ovens for the composite boat industry. Rely on Contrast as your complete marine coatings equipment supplier.

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