OTC Premier Bearing & Power Transmission

With our technical expertise, and 60 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing you with an extensive range of bearing and power transmission needs.


Mounted bearings simplify installation and maintenance processes due to their pre-assembled nature, saving time and reducing labor costs. They provide reliable support and smooth rotational movement for shafts, ensuring optimal performance, reduced friction, and extended equipment lifespan.


Products we offer:

• Flange Mounted Bearings
• Pillow Block & Tapped Base Units
• Take Up Bearings and Frames


Unmounted bearings provide the flexibility to customize bearing assemblies for specific applications. They allow you to select compatible housing and shaft arrangements, tailoring the bearing solution to your precise needs. 


Products we offer:

• Deep Groove Ball Bearings • Thrust Bearings
• Cylindrical Roller Bearings • Plain & Sleeve Bearings
• Spherical Roller Bearings • Precision Bearings
• Needle Roller Bearings  


Gear reducers and gearmotors provide torque multiplication, speed reduction, and precise control over rotational motion, making them essential for machinery and equipment that require different speeds or torque levels. 


Products we offer:

• Worm Gearboxes & Speed Reducers • Shaft Mount Gearboxes
• Parallel Shaft Gear Drives • Inline Speed Reducers
• Bevel Gearboxes & Speed Reducers • Concentric Speed Reducers

• Helical Gearboxes & Speed                     Reducers



Chains and sprockets are crucial for tasks like driving machinery, lifting heavy loads, and facilitating controlled movement in industrial processes. 

Products we offer:

     • Conveyor Chains           

     • Drive Chains                 

     • Engineered Class Chains          

     • Roller Chains with Attachments   

     • Sprockets


Pneumatics components and systems provide efficient and reliable control of mechanical motion using compressed air. Pneumatics offer quick response times, high precision, and a clean, non-electric power source, making them ideal for various industrial applications, including automation, manufacturing, and material handling


Products we offer:

• Actuators • Vacuum Technology
• Compressed Air Preperation • Valves
• Grippers • Fittings
• Instrumentation • Speed Controllers
• Sensors/Switches  


Couplings are essential for connecting two shafts together, enabling the transmission of power and motion between components. By selecting reliable couplings, you ensure smooth and efficient operation, reduce wear and tear on equipment, and facilitate the alignment of machinery.


Products we offer:

     • Gear Couplings         

     • Grid Couplings                 

     • Jaw Couplings        

     • Rigid Couplings   

     • Fluid Couplings


Conveying chains are designed to transport goods, materials, or products smoothly and reliably in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and agriculture. By investing in quality conveying chains, you ensure streamlined processes, and optimized production workflows.


Products we offer:

     • Table Top Chains         

     • Guide Rails & Brackets                 

Products we offer:



• Metal and Thermoplastic • Rubber/Friction Top
• Flat Top Chains • Multiflex
• Low Back Pressure • Crate Conveyor
• Gripper Chains • Molded and Machined                   Sprockets and Idlers



• Straight Running
• Side Flexing
• Molded and Machined Sprockets and Idlers



• Guide Rail and Accessories • Curves and Tracks
• UHMW Covers and Aluminum Rail • Chain & Belt Return Systems
• Wear Strips and Wear Beds

• Levelers and Other Equipment


• Brackets & Positioning




Our high-performance electrical motors ensure reliable power conversion and precise control, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.


Products we offer:

     • AC & DC Motors        

     • Synchronous Motors                 

     • Servo Motors       

     • Stepper Motors   


Linear motion products achieve precise and controlled movement in your applications, enhancing accuracy and repeatability. These products enable automation, streamlining manufacturing processes and improving overall operational efficiency.


Products we offer:

• Ball & Lead Screws • Profile Rail Guide Products
• Cross Roller & Ball Rails • Linear Rail Guide Products
• Linear Actuators & Accessories • Tracked Roller Linear Systems
• Linear Motion Systems • U-Channel Rail Systems


Bushings reduce friction, minimize wear, and improve the longevity of rotating or sliding components. They act as a cushion between moving parts, providing smooth and efficient operation in various machinery and equipment.


Products we offer:

     • Bushing Hubs         

     • Idler Bushings                 

     • Keyless Locking Hubs      

     • Shaft Bushings   

     • QD & Taper Lock Bushings


Clutches and brakes control the transmission of power and motion in machinery and equipment. Clutches engage and disengage power transfer, allowing for controlled starts, stops, and changes in rotational speed. Brakes provide safety and stopping mechanisms, preventing unwanted or sudden movements.

Products we offer:

     • Electric Clutches & Brakes         

     • Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes                 

     • Mechanical Clutches & Brakes      

     • Torque Limiters & Overload Devices   

     • Clutch & Brake Accessories


Invest in belts, sheaves, and pulleys for efficient power transmission and motion control in mechanical systems. Belts transfer rotational power between shafts, while sheaves and pulleys provide the means to change speed ratios and redirect motion.


Products we offer:

• V-Belts • Synchronous Belts
• V-Belt Sheaves • Synchronous Sprockets
• Flat Drive Belts • Variable Speed Belt
• Round Belts  

When it comes to power transmission solutions, OTC Industrial Technologies is the trusted partner that combines expertise, quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Choose us for your bearing and power transmission needs and experience the difference we can make in achieving outstanding results.

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