OTC Premier Automation Products

Partnered with top-tier automation vendors, OTC is a full-service distributor of industry’s leading

machine automation & control solutions, offering complete in-house design and fabrication services. 

Electrical Panel Components

Electrical panel components ensure proper control, protection, and distribution of electricity, safeguarding against overloads and electrical hazards while providing a reliable power supply.




Electro-mechanical products efficiently convert electrical signals into mechanical actions, providing reliable and precise control.





Fittings & Tubing

Fitting and tubing is crucial for ensuring a secure and efficient fluid or pneumatic connection. They allow automation systems to operate smoothly and maintain consistent performance. 




Framing & Extrusion

Framing & Extrusion components provide a robust and lightweight solution for building precise and durable automation systems, allowing for easy modification and expansion.




Gearboxes & Couplings

Gearboxes and couplings is essential for achieving efficient power transmission and torque control in mechanical systems and machinery. 




ID Readers

ID readers enable quick and accurate data capture, allowing businesses to improve inventory management, access control, and tracking systems, leading to increased efficiency.





Instrumentation & Process

Instrumentation & Process products enable automation systems to gather real-time data, optimize operations, and maintain consistent quality, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced operational costs.





Motion Control

Motion control products is crucial for achieving precise and smooth movement in robotic systems, CNC machines, and other automated equipment.





Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Actuators provide reliable and efficient linear or rotary motion control using compressed air as the power source. 





Robots provide increased efficiency, productivity, and flexibility in manufacturing, leading to cost savings and improved overall competitiveness for businesses.





Safety products, such as safety relays, safety guarding systems, and safety mats, help prevent accidents, minimize risks, and comply with safety regulations, creating a secure and reliable work environment in automated systems and facilities.




Sensors play a critical role in detecting various parameters such as temperature, pressure, proximity, and motion, facilitating automation systems to respond accurately to changes in their environment and optimize processes.



Vacuums & Compressors

Vacuums and compressors are crucial for creating and maintaining the required pressure conditions in different processes. Both enabling automation systems to handle material handling, pick-and-place operations, and various other pneumatic tasks efficiently.



Valves enable precise regulation, on/off control, and directional flow, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.







VFDs allow for precise speed and torque control, enabling automation systems to adjust motor speeds to match actual load requirements, resulting in reduced energy consumption, increased equipment lifespan, and improved overall system performance.



Vision systems, such as cameras and image processing software, enable automation systems to analyze and interpret visual data, facilitating error detection, precise measurements, and accurate component positioning.



With a wide range of automation products, OTC offers reliability, performance, and seamless integration, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

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