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With our technical expertise, and 60 years of industry experience, we are committed to providing you with an extensive range of fluid power needs such as fitting and connectors, air dryers and main line filters, airline equipment, and more. 


Actuators automate processes, and ensure precise and efficient control of machinery and systems. Their versatility allows for customization to meet specific needs, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.


Products we offer:

• Linear Actuators • Clamps
• Guided Actuators • Specialty Actuators
• Grippers  • Hydraulic Equipment
• Rotary Actuators • Actuators Accessories 
• Rodless Actuators  


Directional control valves manage the flow of fluids or gases in hydraulic and pneumatic systems, providing precise control over the direction of movement or operation. Their reliability and ability to handle various flow rates and pressures make them essential components for diverse industrial applications.



Products we offer:

• Solenoid Valves - 4 5 Port • Mechanical Hand Operated Valves
• Solenoid Valves - 3 Port • Safety Pressure Relief Valves
• Solenoid Valves - Direct Operated • Solenoid Valves - ISO
• Industrial Communication • Clean Room Products
• Air Operated Valves  


Airline equipment ensures the reliable operation of pneumatic systems. By investing in quality airline equipment, you can extend the lifespan of pneumatic tools and machinery, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize the performance of your pneumatic systems.


Products we offer:

• Combination Units • Silencers Exhaust Cleaners
• Filters • Air Flow Sensor
• Pressure Regulators • Soft Start Up Valve
• Lubricators • Shut Off Valves
• Air Management System • Clean Room Products
• Pressure Gauges • Modular Mounting
• Blow Guns Air Nozzles  


Air dryers remove moisture from the compressed air, preventing corrosion and damage to equipment while ensuring consistent performance. Main line filters further purify the air by removing contaminants, such as oil and particles, safeguarding downstream components, reducing maintenance, and ensuring product quality in applications like manufacturing, automotive, and food processing.


Products we offer:

     • Air Preparation Equipment              

     • Air Dryers                 

     • Main Line Filters          

     • Aftercoolers   

     • Auto Drain Valves            


Connectors establish secure and efficient connections between various components. They facilitate the interchangeability of parts, ease of maintenance, and the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble equipment. 


Products we offer:

• Fittings • Quick Couplers
• Speed Controllers • Check Valve
• Tubing • Accessories
• Manifolds • Clean Room Products


Vacuum products facilitate processes that involve the removal of air or gas from a sealed environment.  Utilizing reliable vacuum products can improve production quality, increase efficiency, and  ensure precise control over pressure. 


Products we offer:

• Suction Cups • Vacuum Saving Valve
• Vacuum Generators • High Vacuum Products
• Vacuum Filters • Non-contact Grippers
• Vacuum Sensors • Air Conveyor
• Vacuum Regulators • Other Vacuum Equipment
• Collaborative Robot Vacuum Unit  


Industrial communication products establish reliable and efficient data exchange within automation and control systems. These products facilitate real-time data exchange among machines and control systems, improving operational efficiency, monitoring, and control.


Products we offer:

     • Air Management System          

     • Valve I-O              

     • Sensors Switches   

     • Electro-Pneumatic Regulators - ITV with Fieldbus  

     • Electric Actuator Controllers


Sensors, switches, and controllers provide real-time data on factors like temperature, pressure, motion, and more, allowing for precise adjustments, automation, and maintenance scheduling.


Products we offer:

• Positive Pressure Sensors • Auto Switches
• Liquid Flow Sensors Switches • Electronic Regulators
• Air Flow Sensors • Water Flow Control
• Air Management System • Air Flow Controlle
• Vacuum-Compound Pressure             Sensors  


Fluid process products efficiently manage the flow, control, and treatment of liquids and gases in industrial applications. These products handle and manipulate fluids, ensuring reliable and safe operation of processes.


Products we offer:

• Valves-General Purpose • Valves Color Change
• Valves Steam-Heated Water • Valves Specialized Application

• Valves Dust Collector

• Process Pumps
• Valves Coolant • Industrial Filters

• Valves Pumps Chemicals-Pure


• Water Equipment


Static control products mitigate electrostatic discharge (ESD) risks and protect sensitive electronic components, equipment, and materials from damage. These products help create controlled environments that minimize the buildup and discharge of static electricity.


Products we offer:

• Bar Ionizers • Sensors
• Nozzle Ionizers • Desktop Duster Box
• Fan Ionizers • Fittings Tubing
• Gun Type Ionizer • Vacuum


Electric actuators offer advantages such as accurate positioning, remote operation, and energy efficiency, making them suitable for tasks like valve control, motion in robotics, and adjusting positions in machinery. 


Products we offer:

• Controllers Drivers • Slide Tables
• Sliders • AC Servo Slide Table
• AC Servo Sliders • Rotary
• Rod Guided Rod • Electric Grippers
• AC Servo Rod • Miniature

• Actuators with Battery-less

   Absolute Encoders

• Actuators with Integrated


• Clean Room Products




Chillers prevent overheating, maintain product consistency, and optimize energy efficiency, making them crucial for enhancing operational reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Products we offer:

• General Use Compact Chiller • SEMI Standard Chiller
• Large Capacity Chiller • High Performance Heat Exchanger
• High Efficiency Chiller • Benchtop Precision Chiller
• Rack Mount Chiller • Circulating Bath
• Dual Channel Chiller for Lasers • Benchtop Chemical Chiller


Process gas equipment handle and manipulate gases in industrial processes and applications. These products are crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of various processes, such as natural gas processing, chemical production, and gas storage


Products we offer:

     • Process Gas           

     • Pressure Regulators              

     • Diaphragm Valves  

     • Check Valve-Vacuum Generator-Flow Switch  


High vacuum equipment create and maintain extremely low-pressure environments. They achieve precise control over pressure conditions, enable specialized processes, and conduct experiments and analyses that require ultra-clean, low-pressure environments.


Products we offer:

     • Angle and In-line Valves            

     • Slit Valves                   

     • Smooth Vent           

     • Solenoid Valve 


Chemical handling equipment ensure the safe and efficient management of chemicals in industrial and laboratory settings. These products facilitate the storage, transport, and dispensing of chemicals while minimizing risks to personnel and the environment.


Products we offer:

     • Valves Manifolds        

     • Regulators               

     • Fittings   

     • Tubing  

     • Flow Switch       

     • Flow Control Products

Choose OTC for your fluid power product needs and experience unmatched quality, expertise, and customer service. We are your trusted partner in powering your fluid systems to new levels of performance and efficiency.

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