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Female Tapered Pipe Thread, 3-Way Ball Valve

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Hosco 3 way Ball Valves are an excellent choice to provide safe switching from color to color or catalyst to solvent with no concern for cross contaminating, the “L” shaped ball provides two material inlets that are cavity free that feed to a common outlet at the bottom of the valve. When the handle is in the mid point between ports all inlet ports are shut off and there is no material being fed to the outlet. It is recommended to mount the 3 way ball valve vertically to facilitate easy draining and no agglomeration at the outlet, and Hosco provides an optional wall bracket to facilitate proper mounting. The valve is rate to 1000 PSI WP.

Feature and Benefits

SST Construction

  • Compatible to coatings, solvents and adhesives
  • Long life

Cavity Free Encapsulated Inlet Seals

  • Prevents “dirt in paint” and agglomerations or crystallization of catalyst at inlet 3 position

Valve Design

  • Material 1 “on”, material 2 “on” or “all off” positions
  • Impossible to cross contaminate

Lots of Accessories

  • Bulkhead mounting bracket available
  • Many adapter fittings available to connect to any type of hose or tube input or outlet connections available

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Manufacturer Hosco
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