KAMAX, a leading manufacturer of high-strength fasteners and complex cold-formed parts with over twelve international locations in Europe, North America, and Asia, has been a partner of DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business since the program’s inception in 2009. The DTE Energy Efficiency Program for Business offers incentives for both electric and natural gas users designed to help companies invest in energy efficient technologies. Recently, KAMAX worked with DTE on their compressed air project, which aims to increase energy efficiency, fine-tune demand and lower operating expenses. KAMAX chose to partner with Air Technologies®, North America’s largest compressed air distributor, in order to develop a solution that would improve operational and equipment reliability, and reduce maintenance and purchase costs. After evaluating various KAMAX facilities, Air Technologies® suggested the installation of DIRECTAIR®, Air Technologies® compressed air utility service that treats compressed air as a fourth utility, to replace six inefficient compressed air systems at their facilities.

Since the installation of DIRECTAIR®, KAMAX has experienced improved operations, eliminated downtime and realized energy savings of tens of thousands per month. Because DirectAIR® allows for 24/7/365 monitoring of the compressed air systems, KAMAX is excited to now have the ability to further explore the management potential and efficiency that can be achieved with DIRECTAIR®. Additionally, they will receive an energy rebate worth almost $150,000 due to their new DIRECTAIR® facilities.

According to Thomas Wheeler, Procurement Manager at KAMAX, “We are really happy with the partnership we created. Air Technologies® brought in the expertise and know-how to evaluate the highest opportunities for efficiency and helped us develop a business case and return on our investment while also working with DTE’s incentives.”

Make this the year your plant receives significant energy savings! Contact Air Technologies® and discover how our energy-saving solutions can save you thousands!

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