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CAS offers a full range of services and solutions, on-site compressed air evaluations and audits to determine air consumption. We stock a vast assortment of premier compressed air products and systems from the industry's leading manufacturers.


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Compressed Air Systems is now OTC! Learn how OTC can help support your business.

About OTC



Quincy Electric Air Compressors and Hankison Air Dryers Available for weekly and monthly rental contracts.


We repair all major brands of air compressors, air dryers, AOD pumps, centrifugal pumps and more.

Evaluations & Audits

We can provide on-site compressed air evaluations and audits to determine air consumption. This information is critical when sizing new compressors or determining energy efficiency for your facility.

Preventative Maintenace

Various PM plans available to suit your needs based on running hours or calendar days, regardless of compressor manufacturer type.

Aftermarket Service and Parts Support

Compressed Air Systems proudly offers a wide selection of aftermarket services for all of your compressed air needs. From rentals and repairs to evaluations, audits and preventive maintenance plans, Compressed Air Systems has your back every step of the way.



CAS supplies QT family of splash lubricated compressors and QR-25 family of pressure lubricated compressors.


CAS supplies Single Stage, Oil Flooded, 5-400 Horsepower Horsepower, Available 5 & 10 Year Warranties. 



CAS supplies Cycling and Non-Cycling, Pressure Dew Points Down to 38 Degrees F, High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Dryers and more.



CAS supplies Heatless, Heated, and Heated Blower Purge, Pressure Dew Points Down to -40 to -100, Prepackaged Filtration With Bypass Available.


CAS supplies 10-20,000 Gallon Range, Vertical or Horizontal Configurations, Various Pressure Ranges Available, ASME, USCG and ABS Approved Vessels.


CAS supplies Engine Driven Honda Dewatering and Trash Pumps, 3″ Through 12″ Self Priming Pumps for Municipal Use, 4″ to 18″ Vacuum Assisted Pumps (Engine or Electrically Driven).


General Manufacturing

We offer services with an unparalleled combination of purchasing power, technical expertise and value-added services to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our expert manufacturer supply staff will work with your team to help make your products smaller, faster and more energy-efficient, improving the capabilities of your machines and outperforming your competitors. With our vast product offering, you can consolidate the number of vendors you work with and standardize your key products — allowing you to dramatically simplify your supply chain. Better still, you can create standard solutions that support your customers in all corners of the globe.


America’s medical technology companies play a pivotal role in diagnosing and providing quality treatment options for patients, improving outcomes, lowering health care costs and promoting economic growth. We make sure to provide the medical industry with our air services and save lives with our work everyday

Food & Beverage

We understand that your food or beverage plant can’t afford long periods of downtime for maintenance. We also understand that you are balancing the need to control your costs while improving the quality and safety of the products you offer your customer base. Through our unique combination of products and services, we can provide the solutions you need to keep your plant running at optimum efficiency while offering you innovative products that improve your profitability and the quality of your product. That is why we are proud to call so many food manufacturing and beverage manufacturing organizations our customers


Your chemical plant runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can’t afford the cost of an unexpected shutdown. We understand the need to keep running while controlling costs. That’s why so many companies in the chemical process industry turn to CAS. Focused on quality? We are too — with products to help monitor, maintain and ensure that you meet quality standards. Worried about safety? We can also help you achieve your safety and environmental goals. Our products get high marks for safe performance and many of our solutions support your projects from material handling to disaster prevention.

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