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Our Mission is to be "THE BEST" as determined by our customers. We deliver this by retaining experienced personnel, strong relationships with premier manufacturers, our location, full-service facility and years of loyal service to our customers.

Our 16,000 square foot building area houses operations for repair and testing of AC/DC motors, servo motors, pumps and gear reducers up to 2000 HP. Our facility includes state-of-the-art equipment for the most efficient and comprehensive repairing, engineering and testing of the equipment that is crucial to your business.


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Crimson Electric is now OTC! Learn how OTC can help support your business.



We repair all types AC and DC motors and drives (up to 2000 HP), servo motors, pumps and gear reducers.

  • AC/DC motors & drives – Engineer, install, startup and trouble-shoot
  • Winding – Provide windings for formed and mush coils for motors to 2000 HP, 4160 volts.
  • Load Test – We provide Load Testing for motors up t0 1000 HP AC and 600 HP DC – largest load test center in the area.
  • Core Test – We Core Test to determine core loss on stator iron.
  • Motor Analyzer – State-of-the-art technology to measure actual motor efficiency and losses of the motor among other tests.
  • Engineering – Engineering redesign and design confirmation, application enginerring and problem solving accomplished by our professional electrical engineers.
  • Authorized Warranty Center – Baldor/Reliance, Danfoss Bauer, Lafert, Lesson, Lenze, Marathon, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, TECO, WEG, and others.
  • Explosion Proof – Underwriters Laboratory (UL) re-certification and repair of UL labeled , Motors available.
Pump repair

Crimson is fully staffed with skilled and knowledgeable technicians to service any pump or seal related situation. From repairs and rebuilds to final installation, each technician is factory trained and certified through OEM training courses and is equipped to provide service-designed solutions for any application. Exceptional quality standards, thorough inspections, accurate proposals, and well-documented repairs ensure that the pump or seal will be repaired and installed to the required specifications. We repair PD pumps, submersible, closed coupled, ANSI pumps, and process water.

Field Services

Many of our industrial customers must operate around the clock. When things go wrong at the worst possible moment, Crimson Electric takes pride in being the company that provides the service and repair resources to get and keep our customers in motion. Whether scheduled or in Emergency situations, day, night, weekend, and/or holiday, Laron takes the call and gets it done.


Complete in-house machine shop and factory authorized modification center. Expert machinists able to handle your most difficult machining issues.

  • Balancing – State-of-the-art Schenck balancing machine-precision dynamic balancing for rotors to 6500 pounds.
  • Vibration Analysis – Performed on repaired motors using standard IRD equipment. SKF vibration spectrum also available.


Electric Motors

Electric motors are the backbone of modern automation. They convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the resulting motion and torque drives the load.Motors come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in a variety of applications like industrial fans, blowers, pumps, machine tools, household appliances, power tools, disk drives, conveyors, heavy machinery, robotics, and motor vehicles.



 A sprocket is a simple mechanical wheel with teeth or small notches which are designed to rotate and engage with the links of a chain or belt. Crimson electric carries high-quality products for a wide range of industries and applications including roller chains, conveyor chains, sprockets, cable & hose carrier systems, clutches and backstops, and continuous flex cables.


The most common uses of a VFD are for control of fans, pumps and compressors, and these applications account for 75% of all drives operating globally. Soft starters and across-the-line contactors are other, less sophisticated types of motor controllers.



In general, gearmotors function as torque multipliers and speed reducers, requiring less motor power to drive a given load. The gear housing design, the gearing type, gear lubrication, and the specific mode of integration all affect the gearmotor performance.



Chemical Processing

Crimson Electric offers customers an extensive range of design features and corrosion-resistant materials with application expertise. Our technology considers safety, reliability, environmental and life cycle solutions for the tough applications in chemical processing.


Aggregates are raw materials that are produced from natural sources and extracted from pits and quarries, including gravel, crushed stone, and sand. When used with a binding medium, like water, cement, and asphalt, they are used to form compound materials, such as asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete. At Crimson ,We work to help support operations and keep crushing materials and making products with our capabilities and services.


In addition to supplying the quality products, equipment and parts you need to manufacture your products, Crimson can help you keep your plant running and improve your business’ efficiency. We offer services and support designed to eliminate your downtime, reduce your on-hand inventory, control your costs and meet your energy reduction goals.

Building Trade, Construction & HVAC

Crimson Electric carries the most comprehensive range of equipment types and name brands in the area to provide the right solutions for your needs. We offer only the highest quality equipment from trusted manufacturers, backed with multi-level aftermarket support. Whether your challenge is a planned expansion or an emergency breakdown, Crimson is your single-source solutions provider for all your pump and seal needs. From sump pumps for avoiding rainwater collection on construction sites, to specialized condensate pumps and related equipment for HVAC packagers, Crimson has you covered.


We offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) an unparalleled combination of purchasing power, technical expertise and value-added services to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our expert manufacturer supply staff will work with your team to help make your products smaller, faster and more energy-efficient, improving the capabilities of your machines and outperforming your competitors. With our vast product offering, you can consolidate the number of vendors you work with and standardize your key products — allowing you to dramatically simplify your supply chain. Better still, you can create standard solutions that support your customers in all corners of the globe.

Pulp and Paper

Our product portfolio at Crimson was built with a wide variety of configurations to support the many diverse needs of the Pulp & Paper industry. These needs go beyond production requirements to involve environmental and safety standards. We understand the regulations you face and have engineered solutions to keep you from possible environmental violations that may be coming your way.

Wire Drawing

Wire drawing includes high voltage cable to optic cable and also includes metal Drawn down for the medical field. It includes the steel wire used to make tires. Given our vertical integration wire drawing process, we can control the cost, lead time and quality. Please contact Crimson today for all your Wire drawing needs.

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