The ultimate solution for your compressed air & water cooling needs.

With DIRECTAIR®, we will supply, install, operate, and maintain your new air compressor system so you can eliminate the time your personnel spends on compressed air and chilled water issues.



The DIRECTAIR® experts will supply, install, operate, and maintain a new compressed air system that aligns with an air strategy built specifically for your business. You need only to provide the necessary land for us to place your new built air solution on and the utility connections to support the operation.




Reduce your equipment maintenance costs with DIRECTAIR® services. Our team of air experts will maintain your air equipment and monitor your uptime and air quality 24/7. Additionally, you can create a smaller carbon footprint with the reduction of landfill waste contribution, lower your product scrap, and minimize your need for maintenance staff and logistic support.



Businesses that implement DIRECTAIR® save an average between 35% to 50% on their annual energy costs. Every DIRECTAIR® facility is equipped with the most energy-efficient equipment and controls available. Reduce your carbon footprint while reducing your energy costs with DIRECTAIR®.


DIRECTAIR® is proud to deliver the compressed air your company needs 100% of the time. We accomplish this by installing the most dependable equipment available, providing ongoing preventative maintenance, and 24/7 continuously monitoring the equipment through our propriety performance control system. 


Ready to start saving on air compression costs? We're here to help.

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