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ePUMPS is a leader in providing reliability driven pump solutions to the world’s most critical and demanding industries. Our complete and comprehensive pump and seal product lines are tailored to provide long term cost-effective solutions. Our OEM factory-trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to service any pump, either in our shop or on location most anywhere in the world.  We provide a comprehensive line of industry leading products and support them with the most experienced support staff in the area. 


ePUMPS is now OTC! Learn how OTC can help support your business.

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ePUMPS - Tulsa

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Repair and Maintenance

The full benefits of our preventative maintenance approach go beyond simple preservation to fully capitalizing on what your equipment can do for you. Our service technicians are proficient in the latest technologies to assess your existing systems for upgrades and can recommend measures that will help maximize your equipment’s performance and efficiency and minimize the potential for costly, unscheduled downtime. Backed by our seasoned engineering staff, our team of qualified technicians have unrivaled resources that enable them to fine-tune your equipment for optimal performance, improved reliability and efficient operation.

Field Services

ePUMPS team of proficient field technicians can service the pumps in your plant or in the field and can get your equipment up and running quickly without missing a detail. Our technicians follow the industry’s most rigorous installation standards, so you can be confident that your critical equipment is installed and commissioned correctly and safely. Rotating equipment experiences more failures during startup than at any other time in their life cycles. But, following the correct installation and startup procedures can lead to longer equipment life, greater reliability and lower maintenance and operating costs. Our fully equipped field service vehicles are ready as soon as you call. We’ll be on the road in no time to provide the service you need with the precision you’ve come to expect from ePUMPS.

Engineering Services
Our engineering staff is the bridge between factory design engineering and real world applications, helping you choose the right pump for maximum life and lowest cost of ownership.

Our engineering staff and sales team are the bridge between equipment design engineering and real-world applications, helping you choose the right pump for maximum life and lowest cost of ownership. We’d like you to experience the ePUMPS custom pump, seal, and applications training that only our expert engineers and sales team can give at our headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Frac Pumps

ePUMPS carries eNFORCER discharge pumps, suction pumps, and chemical additive pumps.



 ePUMPS offers a wide variety of brands and models of pumps including diaphram, metering, submersible, vertical, and more. 


 ePUMPS offers a wide varieties of seals including cartridge seals, gas panels, mixer seals, seal coolers, compressor seals, and more. 


ePUMPS offers a wide varieties of valves including air supply controls, 4-way valves, bypass valves, liquid traps, Flo-Check valves and air supply controls


ePUMPS carries the most comprehensive range of equipment types and name brands in the area to provide the right solutions for your needs. We carry wide range of accessories from seal cooler to gas panel. 


ePUMPS offers horizontal and vertical compressors.


Chemical Processing

ePUMPS offers customers an extensive range of design features and corrosion-resistant materials with application expertise. Our technology considers safety, reliability, environmental and life cycle solutions for the tough applications in chemical processing.

Exploration and Production

In upstream exploration and production, uptime is critical and every second of inactivity is an expense. At ePUMPS, our goal is to set up your operations for success and keep you running with minimal to no interruption, all while providing advanced remote monitoring to ensure peak operation.

OEM Packagers & Fabricators

ePUMPS has a long history of working directly with OEM Packagers and Custom Fabricators. We understand what it means to be a reliable equipment provider for those that provide packaged solutions that integrate our products. We can provide custom service, repair and warranty options for both you and your customer directly. Contact us to learn how a custom OEM partnership with ePUMPS can create cost savings opportunities by reducing your service and support overhead.

Pipeline and Terminals

ePUMPS provides solutions that work alongside your existing infrastructure to improve efficiency and lower long-term cost of ownership. We provide aftermarket field service support, replacement parts, seals and performance analysis testing for vertical turbine and high pressure pumps, among many other auxiliary pump units.

Power Plants

ePUMPS provides powerful pump and monitoring solutions that adhere to the most stringent quality and safety standards. Our high quality, industrial grade products are designed to get you up and running quickly and permanently. We are constantly innovating to deliver improved efficiency with an eye on emerging power generation technologies.

Pulp and Paper

Our product portfolio at ePUMPS was built with a wide variety of configurations to support the many diverse needs of the Pulp & Paper industry. These needs go beyond production requirements to involve environmental and safety standards. We understand the regulations you face and have engineered solutions to keep you from possible environmental violations that may be coming your way.

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