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PK Controls is a team of OEM and factory support specialists who serve customers’ needs through Integrate360™, our proven proprietary process. We have extensive, sophisticated technological capabilities in applying automation in robotic, material handling and numerous other applications.


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Control System Integration

As a leading control system and turnkey solutions provider, PK Controls specializes in control system integration. We provide integrated strategies, solutions, systems and services that address the requirements of today’s industrial automation needs. Whether the automation solution is a simple, stand-alone operator assembly station or a complex, fully automated assembly system, PK Controls can meet our clients’ various needs. With a dedicated team of PK Controls engineers, we keep all of our services in-house and require no third-party sourcing. To meet client needs for complete solutions and results, we have developed a proven, propriety process based on a variety of advanced engineering concepts and our more than 20 years of experience. Our Integrate360™ process begins with understanding our clients’ goals and needs and developing solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Control Panel Assembly

PK Controls has extensive experience in designing, assembling and wiring control panels. We are a UL certified manufacturer offering UL508A and UL 698A certifications for qualifying products. Through our knowledge and experience associated with custom controls, we can provide solutions for a wide variety of custom panel applications. Our panel shop has been providing full-service, industrial control panel system design since 1996. With a 6,000-square-foot panel shop, we can handle any size job — from push-button control stations to the largest multi-door motor control panels. PK Controls also provides any level of control system design and PLC programming required to make a client’s project a success. We are able to supply hardware or use hardware supplied by our customers.

Cable & Harness Assembly

PK Controls has been providing customers with cable and harness assembly since 1996. As a custom cable designer and manufacturer, we can fabricate a large assortment of custom cable and harness solutions for a wide variety of applications. PK Controls has the capability of producing cables for very specific and exacting requirements. We manufacture soldered- or mechanical-fit cables for control, power or signal applications. We serve a diverse range of markets, including:

  • Automotive
  • Robotics
  • Power Generation
  • Material Handling
  • Process Industries
On-Site Support

Since PK Controls’ inception, installation and start-up support services have been an integral part of our company. We built our business on providing skilled personnel to aid our customers with factory and OEM support services. Our experience uniquely equips us to provide a variety of on-site services. We send expert PK Controls engineers, technicians and project managers to our customers’ sites to improve the performance of control and material handling equipment and systems, electrical supply, cables and electrical control systems. In the field, the PK Controls uniform stands for quality. Work on-site is performed to the client’s quality, design, safety and workmanship standards. Our experts manage assignments, check all work and interface with our customers in their own facilities. Our service personnel pride themselves on their diverse technical and practical backgrounds. Their broad range of experience allows them to diagnose and troubleshoot all of our clients’ electrical requirements. We have engineers, controls technicians and maintenance technicians who work with our customers’ teams on their floors.



Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an industrial computer that helps automate industrial, electrical and mechanical processes by monitoring inputs and outputs and making decisions based on a custom program.

Most PLCs use Ladder Logic for its programming language, but other languages are used as well. PK Controls can help generate custom code for PLCs using: Ladder, SFC, and Structured text. 


Hydraulic and Servo Presses

Presses are important machines used in industrial manufacturing. They generate a compressive force to help manufacture and shape metal, plastic and other applications. Hydraulic presses use a hydraulic cylinder and are best for applications that call for greater versatility but do not require high cycling speeds. Servo presses offer versatility at higher production speeds. PK Controls provides the control work for press applications, including PLCs and HMIs. 

Conveyor Systems

PK Controls is an independent conveyor system integrator dedicated to the development of practical engineered material handling systems and equipment—combined with state-of-the-art controls—to help industry meet customers’ demands.

It often takes a variety of integrated conveyor systems and sortation equipment to meet our customers’ goals. We assist our customers in determining what technology will best suit their conveying and sorting needs, including: Accumulation, Belt, Pallet, Roller, Slat, and Overhead conveyors. 


Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

A human-machine interface (HMI) is a software application interface that helps machine operators make decisions based on real-time information. It presents process control system information to the operator using a graphic display. HMIs are typically integrated with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs) or distributed control systems (DCSs).


Vision Inspection Systems

PK Controls is a leader in vision inspection systems for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. These systems help automate and expedite the quality control process and eliminate human error. PK Controls offers vision inspection systems at an affordable cost, ultimately saving our customers in production costs and increasing their bottom lines. This results in lower costs and a high return on investment (ROI).

PKC provides the programming, installation and start-up to fit specific application needs and a wide range of inspections. The system includes: Audible and visual pass-and-fail indication, Data collection, and Easily-adjustable reject timing.

Data Collection

PK Controls provides comprehensive data collection system design, build, programming, installation and startup for your specific production needs. Whether it’s for a single machine or an entire plant, we can integrate the system to provide you with the critical data you need to debug and repair your machinery.

With the right data collection system in place, our customers receive real-time data to:, Increase production efficiency, Reduce downtime, Decrease maintenance costs, Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), and Improve operator efficiency. 



Chemical Processing

PK Controls offers customers an extensive range of design features and corrosion-resistant materials with application expertise. Our technology considers safety, reliability, environmental and life cycle solutions for the tough applications in chemical processing.

General Industrial

Regardless of application, PK Controls can provide the solution. Whether your main concern is weathering exceptionally tough conditions or ensuring consistent and precise output, we have solutions to handle the demands of your industry. We’re a one-stop shop that can equip your plant with products and deliver service offerings ranging from reliable front-end project engineering support to responsive maintenance and repair, effectively minimizing unexpected downtime.

OEM Packagers & Fabricators

PK Controls has a long history of working directly with OEM Packagers and Custom Fabricators. We understand what it means to be a reliable equipment provider for those that provide packaged solutions that integrate our products. We can provide custom service, repair and warranty options for both you and your customer directly. Contact us to learn how a custom OEM partnership with ePUMPS can create cost savings opportunities by reducing your service and support overhead.

Water & Wastewater

PK Controls customers have experienced years of dependable service in the water resources market. Significant legal, environmental and economic impacts can result from wastewater system failures. That’s why you need to be able to trust not only your supplier and their products, but their support response time as well. We care and responsiveness has earned them the trust of many wastewater treatment plants and professionals, for whom they’ve provided robust, reliable pumps used in the collection and treatment of wastewater.

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