PP&S Packaged Systems

Packaged Skid Systems: Custom Engineered + Built

With tighter schedules and budgets, organizations are increasingly opting for the cost-effectiveness and reliability of pre-designed, configured and tested skid systems. At PP&S, our engineering services team has over 400 years combined experience in mechanical/electrical design and systems integration for a broad range of process applications and manufacturing environments. And we put that know-how to work in assuring your custom packaged skid system is expertly designed, fabricated and tested to perform seamlessly once it arrives at your facility.

In addition to offering standard packages available from stock, PP&S engineering services team will consult with you to:
  1. Formulate design parameters based on your specific needs
  2. Design your custom package to fit your applications and environment
  3. Custom build to these specific requirements

Benefits of a PP&S packaged system:
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality
  • Single source accountability eliminates hassles/problems
  • Equipment footprint optimized for your production facility
  • Configured with component types and brands that work best together for maximum reliability and longevity
  • Designed with optimal access for easy maintenance
  • Final “As Built” drawings & operating procedures provided
  • Easy to install with minimal connections to be made in the field
  • Cost effective / value


Our standardized and custom package systems capabilities include:

Blower Packages Booster Package Systems
Pump Packages Fuel Oil Transfer Packages
Vacuum Packages Filtration Packages
Chemical Feed Systems Polymer Feed Systems
Perma-Trac Pumping Stations Disinfection Package Systems
Dosing Systems Chlorination Package Systems


Showcase: Custom Engineered Packaged Systems

Our packaged systems team can build a custom skid to your design specifications, or recommend a configuration to best suit your unique application needs. These are just a few of the systems our team has engineered for demanding customer applications. Scroll on tiles below to view more detailed information about each solution.

Improve Fill Time

Engineered a pump system to cut filling time by 2/3 at 1Torr  while pumping from the running vacuum dryer.

Application:  Filling ​transformers with oil.

Process Need:  Improve filling time from ​vacuum dryer.

Solution:  PP&S custom designed an engineered ​pump system to cut the filling time by 2/3 at 1 Torr while pumping from the running vacuum dryer.

ROI:  By improv​ing efficiencies and reducing process time, ​PP&S provided a cost effective solution to meet the customer’s productivity goals: filling transformer cans with oil in less time.

Repeat Performance

Five pump and tank systems designed to meet strict time and pressure specs.

Application:  Vulcanizing Presses.

Process Need:  Fill and pressurize the bladder in the customer's rubber belt vulcanizing presses.

Solution:  PP&S engineered a pump and tank system to meet the customer's specifications for filling and pressurizing the bladder.

ROI:  PP&S provided a cost effective customized solution for this OEM to meet the customer's productivity goals of filling the bladder in an allotted time while maintaining pressure. This is the 5th system built for this customer.

Meet Productivity Goals

Engineered pump and tank system meets strict criteria for filling and pressurizing bladders on rubber belt vulcanizing presses.

Application:  Plastics ​forming.

Process Need:  Fill and pressurize the bladder in the customer's rubber belt vulcanizing presses.

Solution:  P​P&S engineered a pump ​and tank system to meet customer criteria for filling ​and pressurizing the bladder.

ROI:  PP&S customized a cost effective solution for this OEM to meet the customer’s productivity goals: filling the bladder in the allotted time and maintaining the pressure.

Boosting Water Pressure

Systems designed and supplied complete with flow straightening solution, drawings and installation instructions.

Application:  Booster Pump System.

Process Need:  Booster system to increase pressure for contact water, along with a functional guarantee.

Solution:  PP&S designed a custom booster system, including pump​ packages and flow straightening spools. System delivered complete with installation drawings and instructions.

ROI:  PP&S provided a cost effective customized solution for ​meeting the customer's ​process goals of providing higher contact water pressure. The functional guarantee ensured productivity and cost goals were met as well.

Supply System Replacement

A cost effective solution that replaces chlorine gas with liquid supply system.

Application:  Revise a system process to sodium ​hypochlorite metering.

Process Need:  Meter 12% ​sodium ​hypochlorite to ​cooling ​tower to replace ​chlorine ​gas ​system.

Solution:  ​PP&S engineered ​a duplex metering pump ​system ​that would meter 12% ​sodium ​hypochlorite to the customer’s ​cooling ​tower, and ​as well as providing pump controls.

ROI:  PP&S ​customized a cost effective solution to meet​ing revised process needs:  replacement of chlorine gas system with liquid supply system. 

Dual Blower System

Skid system built to spec for a nuclear power plant.

Application:  ​Dual blower skid system for a nuclear power plant.

Process Need:  More reliable blower system for vacuum.

Solution:  PP&S designed a custom ​blower package skid system at the Charlotte Reliability Center and delivered complete with installation drawings and instructions.

ROI:  PP&S provided a lowest cost equipment solution that improved production efficiencies and reliability as well.

Dust Control

Two vacuum blower systems designed to collect particulate in turbine blade manufacturing.

Application:  ​Manufacturing process.

Process Need:  Reliable means to collect fiberglass particulate from turbine blade manufacturing.

Solution:  PP&S designed and built two blower package skid systems to meet dust control needs.

ROI:  PP&S customized a lowest cost equipment solution to increase producti​vity and reliability.

Dust Suppression

Designed to supply low volume high pressure water at conveyor discharge to prevent dust escape.

Application:  Dust ​suppression.

Process Need:  Prevent dust from escaping when conveyors dump product.

Solution:  PP&S designed a ​pump ​system that provides low volume/high pressure water to spray nozzles at conveyor discharge.

ROI:  Because this customized solution successfully met the customer’s process needs, while additionally reducing costs, PP&S was asked to buil​d a second system ​that same year.

Noise Reduction

Designed a solution for package stands that also guaranteed a maximum noise requirement.

Application:  Municipal waste water treatment with maximum sound restrictions.

Process Need:  150 Hp blower packages, requiring a guarantee of ≤ 80 dBa at 3 feet from the packages. Manufacturers typically don't provide bases for blowers in the required size for this application.

Solution:  PP&S designed and fabricated the base stands ​for mounting the blowers and inlet/discharge silencers so that everything fit inside the sound enclosure and remained serviceable.

ROI:  PP&S custom-designed a ​configuration to meet challenging engineer requirements and provided logistical solutions that saved the municipal contractor time and expenses.

Ultra Narrow Duplex Pump Skid

Pump and a spare designed to fit within a 2 ft wide space, and pump cooling water to the top of a 50 ft furnace.

Application:  Steel melt process.

Process Need:  Supply water to the top of a furnace with immediate back-up availability within a limited space.

Solution:  PP&S designed a ​2 foot-wide dual pump ​system – one operational, one spare – that pumps water 50 ft. vertically. Skid length required the unit ship in two pieces and re-bolt in the field. With supplied CAD drawings and reassembly instructions, the customer had the unit installed and operational within 2 days.

ROI:  ​Customized equipment and installation solutions successfully met the customer’s process and limited space needs, while additionally improving efficiencies.

Tempered Water Skid System

System designed to streamline chilled water system use and prevent condensation from damaging fabricated parts.

Application:  Tempered water systems.

Process Need:  Prevent condensation from chilled water piping from dripping on plastic molded parts​. System also designed to save energy by allow​ing dedicated chiller system to be retired, using main chilled water system ​to full capacity.

Solution:  PP&S engineered a pump + heat exchanger system to provide 75°F water to molding process instead of 45°F water.

ROI:  PP&S provided a cost effective custom solution for this OEM to meet the customer's process goals – prevent condensation from dripping on parts causing defects.

Clean-in-Place Solution

Process, time and cost efficiencies gained by integrating rapid-heated water cleaning right in place.

Application:  Food processing.

Process Need:  A food processing plant was seeking a clean-in-place solution for equipment that was being installed as part of a plant expansion.

Solution:  PP&S provided design/build services integrating two package skid systems that heat and maintain high temp in a 2200-gallon water tank, then pump at high pressures for several different types of processing equipment. Design included equipment and parts that ensure extended equipment life.

ROI:  ​ Designed to expedite and improve the cleaning process, PP&S’ engineered solution provided immediate efficiency, reliability and productivity gains, as well as reduced cost of operation and ownership.

Wastewater Treatment Solution

Triplex and quad-metering systems designed for processing methanol and sodium hypochlorite services.

Application:  Metered chemical feed systems.

Process Need:  Develop two skids to match engineer's specs for metering ​methanol and sodium hypochlorite to the plant's water treatment process.

Solution:  PP&S engineered a small triplex system to meter the methanol chemical service, and a quad pump system for metering sodium hypochlorite to the treatment process per specs and drawings provided by the customer.

ROI:  PP&S' build-to-spec solution provided the customer pre-tested, plug-and-play units, saving time and money on their 10mgd rapid infiltration project.

High Pressure Seal Flushing

Duplex pump system that provides 2 gpm of water at 200 psig for flushing mechanical seals.

Application:  Duplex seal water system.

Process Need:  Provide high pressure seal flush water for multi-stage pumps.

Solution:  PP&S designed and built a duplex pump system to provide 2 gpm of water @ 200 psig for flushing mechanical seals, changing pumps from packing to mechanical seals.

ROI:  PP&S customized a lowest cost equipment solution to meet customer's gpm productivity goals for multi-stage pumps.

Super-Duty to Improve Reliability

Fabricated in carbon steel or 316 SS and pre-grouted with epoxy to replace corroding base plates.

Application:  Improve reliability and equipment life.

Process Need:  Develop a heavy-duty base that would provide improved reliability while lasting better than any previously used cast-iron bases.

Solution:  PP&S custom designed a series of “super duty” bases built in 316 stainless steel, pre-grouted with ​PP&S epoxy grout. T​hese units ​feature top mounting surfaces machined to be flat and parallel within 0.002” per foot. ​To fulfill expanded applications, PP&S also began building these bases in carbon steel as well as the 316 SS.

ROI:  Because of their success in improving reliability as well as longevity, PP&S has been supplying this customer for over 10 years. These bases are also now offered as part of our Reliability program.

Design/Build for Blower Package System

Comparable to a factory-manufactured system, but with increased customization and a full-service warranty.

Application:  A​ir conveying

Process Need:  Increase conveying capacity for new plant expansion.

Solution:  PP&S designed and built and packaged blower skid system comparable to a factory-manufactured system, delivered with complete CAD drawings and installation instructions.

ROI:  PP&S provided a lowest cost equipment solution that improved ​productivity, increased efficiencies and, along with the supplied full-service equipment warranty, ​ensured the reliability the customer was seeking.

Mine Dewatering Systems

Portable electric pumping system that can pump water up from 400 ft below ground, without introducing hazardous diesel fumes underground.

Application:  Dewatering a flooded mine .

Process Need:  Pump 3000 GPM of water from a point 400 feet below the surface in a flooded mine. Diesel pumps not acceptable due to exhaust fumes.

Solution:  PP&S ​​engineered a portable electric driven pumping system that can be towed down into the mine to achieve the customer’s requirements. ​The design included a Cornell pump and 4160 volt 700 Hp. motor with soft starter.  Due to the weight of the components, a trailer capable of handling 14,000 pounds load was configured to achieve optimal operation.

ROI:  ​ In addition to providing the necessary pumping solution, this package was designed, constructed and delivered very quickly despite backorders on some of the equipment.

High Capacity High Powered

Designed with 320 Hp and fuel for 12 hours continuous operation for on-site equipment cleaning.

Application:  On-site equipment cleaning.

Process Need:  Provide a high-capacity solution that also runs for an extended time period.

Solution:  PP&S custom designed a p​ortable diesel skid with a 320 Hp engine that holds ​enough fuel in the tank ​to run for 12 consecutive hours.

ROI:  With the success this package system achieve at ​increasing efficiencies and reducing process time, ​PP&S was asked to design an electric alternative, and has received multiple subsequent orders for these two system configurations.

Wastewater Treatment Acceleration

150 hP blower package systems for water treatment facility provided reliable means to speed up aeration.

Application:  ​Wastewater treatment.

Process Need:  Reliable means to aerate lagoon ponds to accelerate digestion.

Solution:  PP&S provided a turnkey service, including design and build of ​three blower package ​systems, project management for installation and system start-up.

ROI:  Turnkey scope for this project ensured specification, manufacture and operation met client goals for process, cost and reliability.

Custom Filtered Skid for Post Process Washing

Quick turnaround for a multi-sprinkler head pumping system designed to wash auto bodies after fabrication.

Application:  Filtered washing system.

Process Need:  Quick turnaround on a solution supplying large volume of filtered water to wash automobile bodies after welding.

Solution:  PP&S designed a ​pump ​system that supplies clean water through a large filter to an array of spray nozzles that wash weld slag and beads off auto bodies immediately after robotic welding process is complete.

ROI:  In addition to meeting process needs, this skid was built on a very tight schedule to have the system installed and operational before year end.

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