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Atlas Copco is known for their leading-edge technology to provide innovative products, making compressed air systems more cost effective. As one of the world's largest independent distributors and service providers, OTC Industrial Technologies offers a superior range of products and technical expertise for compressed air systems.



Oil-injected compressors are designed for reliability and efficiency. Will operate continuously in the harshest environments, avoiding costly downtime and production delays. Energy Efficiency – Continuous Operation in High Heat – Small Footprint


Oil-free air compressors are specifically developed for applications where air quality is essential. Oil-free air compressors cover a wide range of rotary screw and tooth, centrifugal, piston, water-injected, and scroll compressors. Highest Air Quality – Reduced Operating Costs – Environmental Compliance


Refrigerated compressed air dryers provide efficient and reliable dry compressed air through cycling dryers, fixed speed, and variable speed circuit design. When combined with the Elektronikon®, which is Atlas Copco's
patented controller, compressor control room connectivity is a snap.


Low-pressure drop and ISO class filtration levels make Atlas Copco coalescing and particulate filters the perfect solution for your quality air needs. The unique "bottom bowl" design allows for easy element replacement with no mess or complicated extraction processes. Silicone free also available.


High-purity nitrogen is produced by our units by separating compressed air into nitrogen and all other gases. The nitrogen molecules are drawn away from the other gases in the air and stored in a receiving tank. Nitrogen is an inexpensive gas that can be used as a "clean and dry" compressed air alternative for many applications.


Complete range of pipe, fittings, and accessories ideal for new projects as well as project renovations and extensions. Energy-efficient and cost-effective quick and easy modular installation.

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