Gema Switzerland GmbH is a leading supplier in the area of electrostatic powder coating with a worldwide presence. From simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating, this Swiss company offers solutions that meet the high demands and requirements of customers around the world in a wide range of industrial sectors. Since 2012, Gema has been a part of the global Graco Group, an internationally leading manufacturer of liquid conveyance systems and components.

These technologically advanced and high-quality devices and systems are developed and manufactured at Gema Switzerland‘s headquarters in St.Gallen. A state-of-the-art coating laboratory is available to customers for coating experiments. The findings are then integrated into the design of complex coating systems with the result being customer-specific, tailor-made solutions.

Automatic Booths Systems

Quick color change or single color, manual or automatic, organic or enamel powder, Gema has the right solution for you.

Automatic Equipment and Guns

The most powerful and efficient automatic electrostatic equipment, ideal from simple to the most advanced applications.

Manual Equipment and Guns

A wide variety of solutions for electrostatic manual coating to satisfy even the most challenging applications requirements.

SMART Series Manual Booths

Engineered for manual or automatic coating applications, no other cartridge collection booth is as easy to operate or offers you this level of quality and performance.

Reciprocators, Axis, and Automations

A broad range or reliable reciprocators, easy to use and to maintain, improving the coating quality and saving manpower.

Powder Management Centers and Hoppers

OptiCenters are the core of the coating process, offering high quality and quick color change.

Powder Feed Equipment and Systems

Venturi injectors and dense phase pumps from small to very large powder feed volumes, for organic or enamel powder.

Sieving solutions for every quality needs

From easy vibratory sieves to high quality rotart and ultrasonic sieves, Gema has the right solution for any quality expectations.

Control Units

Precise and user friendly controls that will allow even operators with limited training to achieve great coating results.

Automation by Gema

Achieve increased process reliability and consistently high coating results with automation by Gema.

Various solutions and automation levels, all of which are interconnected, bring transparency and trust to the coating process.

Powder Guns

The most powerful, ergonomic and reliable automatic and manual guns, ideal for any type of powder.

Products for Enamel powder application

Electrostatic equipment, guns, injectors and complete systems specially designed for the abrasive enamel powder.

Magic Systems for quick color change

A unique concept where are components are designed for the most efficient operation and a very quick color change.

Manual solutions for quick color change

Smart solutions for color change in manual coating will reduce your idle time and boost your productivity.

Color change improvements in existing lines

Start improving your color change performance immediately, without the need to replace the complete system.

Magic Systems for single color application

Reliable and robust solutions designed for the best finishing quality and the most efficient application, eve with thin film powders.

Improve your coating line's automation

Achieve a more uniform finishing quality, reduce human errors and save manpower.

Robot Coating

Benefit from the highest flexibility and outstanding coating results with the Gema application devices for robots.

Improve application quality

Improve the application quality and reduce the reject rate of your powder coating line.

Reduce powder consumption

Avoid excess powder on the pieces with a more even film thickness and reduce the powder loss.

Electrostatic App

Take advantage of the new app! Monitor your application and your coating cost in real time and improve the efficiency of your application.

Cleaner and safer working conditions

This is a prerequisite for high quality powder coating and for the protection of the operators' health.

Metallic or special powder application

Achieve a great application quality with metallic, structured and other special powders.

MDF Coating

Achieve perfect coating results for your MDF products (wood coating) with Gema equipment.

Products for Enamel powder application

Electrostatic equipment, guns, injectors and complete systems specially designed for the abrasive enamel powder.

Complete solutions for aluminum extrusion finishing

SAT S.p.A. is an Italian engineering company dedicated to design, produce and install aluminum extrusions surface finishing equipment and packaging systems.

Convert from wet paint to powder

Convert your old liquid finishing line to powder coating: reduce cost, improve quality and respect the environment.

Electrostatic charging / discharging system, dust extraction

Hildebrand Technology, a Gema division, offers solutions for dust extraction and electrostatic charging / discharging of moving substrates in web and sheet form.

Automation in Powder Coating 2021

Robot Coating - The highest level of automation

How to activate PowerBoost

Gema OptiCenter Powder Management

OptiFlex Pro Animation

MagicControl 4.0 - The pioneering interface for Powder Coating

Gema Electrostatic App

Gema OptiStar 4.0 - The benchmark for the efficient gun control

Application Technology

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