Precise Machine & Tool



Located in Louisville, KY for over 20 years, Precise Machine & Tool, Inc. specializes in sealer nozzles and tips for the automotive industry.

The Precise Machine & Tool manufacturing facility is wall to wall with high precision machines and measuring equipment for building your sealer nozzles and tips to your specific tolerances.



Helping You Apply Sealants and Adhesives with Ease

Highest Quality, Dependable Delivery, and Flexible Manufacturing


Sealer Nozzles and Tips for the Automotive Industry

Hood nozzles, door nozzles, liftgate nozzles, deck lid nozzles (open hem, close hem, wax spray options) plus bases, skives, brushes, and pencil tips. We have supplied to every major automobile manufacturer for literally every assembly plant in North America.

Hood Nozzles

Open Hem Hood Nozzle

Blind Hem Hood Nozzle

Wax Spray Hood Nozzle

Door Nozzles

Open Hem Door Nozzle

Blind Hem Door Nozzle

Wax Spray Door Nozzle

Lift Gate Nozzles

Open Hem Lift Gate Nozzle

Blind Hem Lift Gate Nozzle Nozzle

Wax Spray Lift Gate Nozzle

Deck Lid Nozzles

Open Deck Lid Gate Nozzle

Blind Deck Lid Gate Nozzle

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