OTC Compressed Air Services and Capabilites

OTC Industrial Technologies Compressed Air Services helps customers maximize the performance, reliability, and equipment lifecycle of their compressed air systems. We are the United States’ largest independent air compressor distribution and service company, and our compressed air experts are dedicated, knowledgeable leaders in the industry.
We know our success is the result of helping our customers achieve their goals. Guided by our shared core values of Integrity, Achievement, Investment, and Balance, our team of professionals is passionate about delivering superb customer experiences. We earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by focusing on what they care about most, working diligently each day, and doing what we say we will do — every time.

Our customers benefit from a variety of service options that are flexible to suit their business needs and can service all major compressed air equipment manufacture brands.

• Maintenance Agreements
• Full Responsibility Agreements
• Parts Only Agreements
• Rotary Screw, Oil Free and Centrifugal Compressor Service
• Advanced Parts Ordering for On-time Service
• Billing Options to Meet Maintenance Budgets
• Equipment Sales and Rental

In addition to our Customer Service Agreements, OTC’s Compressed Air Services team has the following capabilities:

• DIRECTAIR® – our FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service
• Motor and Airend Repair Shop
• Parts
• Air Surveys
• Compressor service – All Makes and Models
• Air Compressor Rentals
• Piping
• Nitrogen
• Blowers
• Vacuum
• New Equipment Sales
• Control Software Solutions – MANAGAIR®
• Desiccant Air Dryers
• Refrigerated Air Dryers

Customer Service Agreements

OTC Industrial Technologies Compressed Air Services offers several preventive maintenance Customer Service Agreements (CSA) resulting in lower operating costs, lower repair costs, and extended equipment life. Our factory-trained technicians use factory OEM parts to help compressed air systems perform at peak efficiency.


Custom Preventative Maintenance - Customer Service Agreement
Our Base CSA package is loaded with features and benefits that you won’t find from our competition. You get access to services from experts in compressed air, trained and certified in the latest technology and best practices. This agreement offers a regular multi-point compressed air system inspection that includes:

• Safety valves
• Basic system
• Preventive analysis
• Control items/valves
• Electrical system
• Operating pressures and temperatures
• Compressor system
• Change oil
• Change oil filter
• Change air filter
• Clean oil scavenge line
• Lubricate motor bearings
• Rebuild moisture trap

5-Star Preventative Maintenance - Customer Service Agreement
Experience the best customer service in the industry by upgrading to our CSA Plus package. This package comes includes all Custom CSA inspections and required maintenance repairs,additionally, it offers:

• All preventive maintenance and rebuild of compressor control items including Oil Stop Valve, Inlet/Inloader Valve,                Regulator/Vent Valve, Discharge Check Valve, Minimum Pressure Valve, and Thermostatic Regulating Valve
• Includes Oil Separator

Full Responsibility - Customer Service Agreement
Let our team of experienced technicians take care of your equipment – while you take care of your business.

With our Full Responsibility CSA package OTC takes on the responsibility to ensure your equipment is always running at peak performance.

The CSA gives your maintenance team the support they need and your operations an extra level of protection and expertise. You’ll never worry about maintenance schedules or replacement parts again. The CSA is our promise to provide you with the tools and resources you need to get the most out of our products.

Service and Parts Team
Our Compressed Air team has factory-trained technicians throughout the United States and provides customers with 24/7/365 Emergency Service when needed.

• More than 300 factory-trained technicians with an additional 300+ hours of OTC training
• Dedicated technicians assigned to customer service agreements
• Call 866-468-9814 for 24-hour managed customer support
• OEM and thousands of parts
• Standard parts stocked in all local warehouses ready to ship and or install
• Regional Distribution Center for quick delivery of larger or less standard parts


We support a full line of innovative and world-leading compressed air products along with all major makes and models of air compressors ensuring you leading-edge technology and cost-effective equipment solutions. Our systems specialists work closely with you to evaluate your project design and engineering specifications to optimize the results of your equipment investment.


While our highly trained service and repair technicians are working on your equipment, our air compressor rentals are here to ensure that you’re not losing productivity. We stand behind our products, just like we stand behind all our customers. Learn more.



OTC’s Direct Piping Solutions delivers compressed air to points of usage with the right volume, quality, and pressure to properly power the components that use it. While some may say that pipe is just pipe, our compressed air pipe systems save you money by reducing pressure loss and energy usage. 


OTC offers a full range of nitrogen generation products to serve your needs. Our systems specialists work closely with you to establish the appropriate flow and purity rate required to operate your process at peak performance. 


Whether using evaporative, dry air, shell and tube, or plate and frame heat exchangers or a combination of cooling methods, process cooling systems from OTC can fulfill virtually any customer’s industrial cooling/heating needs with an appropriate closed-loop system.



We offer a variety of vacuum pumps featuring optimal performance and rugged durability. State-of the-art designs ensure energy efficiency, reliability, and cost savings with low-noise and quiet operation options.



Our blowers meet the demand for reliable, quality air while saving energy and reducing costs. Innovative designs offer uninterrupted operation with reduced noise and vibration to prolong the life of equipment.



DIRECTAIR® is the industry leading FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service delivering the ultimate solution for industrial compressed air needs. This product and managed service delivers compressed air to your facility, while you pay only a monthly fee based on your usage, just like any utility. In addition to DIRECTAIR®, OTC offers a range of other options to customize your compressed air services.


DIRECTAIR® is a compressed air utility service that is the ultimate solution for on-site compressed air and water cooling for manufacturers. With our FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service customers pay one monthly fee for the clean compressed air they use, with guaranteed uptime and 100% reliability. We install a complete, state-of-the-art. compressed air system at your facility, off your shop floor, saving valuable space. OTC’s experts own, operate, and maintain the system. You have guaranteed access to a stream of high-quality, reliable compressed air with no out-of-pocket expenses for repairs, maintenance, or parts — reducing your maintenance costs by as much as 35%. With DIRECTAIR® in place, you’ll enjoy:
• A guaranteed supply of compressed air with a 100% uptime guarantee.
• No downtime, no lost production, less product scrap.
• Guaranteed high-quality air — clean, dry, and oil-free.
• Free plant floor space for production, not air compressors.
• No more repair or maintenance costs.
• No capital outlay — monthly payments are an operating expense with tax benefits.
• Modern, energy-efficient equipment and controls — energy savings between 35% and 50%.

MODULAIR®Pre-Engineered Compressed Air Solutions

Save valuable factory floor space with MODULAIR®. These pre-engineered, modular building components house your compressors and drying units — your compressed air systems. They are designed for easy maintenance access, simplified exterior installation, proper ventilation, and optional heat recovery. The service includes heavy-duty construction, installation of compressed air equipment, electrical components, wiring and installation, ductwork with gravity discharge dampers for hot compressor cooling air discharge, and an air piping header system with all you need for a single-point connection. With MODULAIR®, you’ll enjoy:
• More floor space, so you can use the plant for more production equipment.
• Housing designed for simplified installation and lower project costs.
• Lower operating temperatures with proper ventilation and filtration.
• Easy access to the air compressor system for maintenance.
• Proper ventilation for all-season operation.
• A flexible air compressor housing solution, so units can be moved if necessary.

MANAGAIR® Compressed Air Management

Looking to lower your energy costs for compressed air by as much as 50%? MANAGAIR® is the most advanced system available for controlling and monitoring industrial air compressor operations. It connects to your air compressor systems, providing central monitoring and data analysis of the operating conditions to maximize system efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize scheduled downtime. Compressed air reliability and efficiency are easy when you have the data and control you need. With MANAGAIR®, you’ll enjoy:
• Improved compressed air efficiency.
• Lower energy costs (some companies see energy costs go down as much as 50%).
• Optimized system reliability.
• Lower maintenance costs.
• A compressed air system that is easy to operate and manage.
• Complete control and simplified management of multiple air compressor sequencing.

MONITAIR® Remote Monitoring for Compressed Air

Take a proactive approach to maintaining your compressed air system with MONITAIR®. A remote monitoring service designed to keep your air compressors running at peak efficiency, MONITAIR® operates like an expert compressor technician watching your operations 24/7. MONITAIR® connects your compressors to OTC’s service department for automatic remote monitoring of compressor operations. The systems include built-in trending and graphing functions, including monthly service reports. With MONITAIR®, you’ll enjoy:
• Monthly service reports and access to complete compressed air operations records.
• Immediate alerts if a problem occurs.
• Remote reset and restart for a quick solution when possible.
• Automatic scheduled maintenance service based on machine requirements and not the calendar.

Getting Started with OTC Industrial Technologies

Modern manufacturing requires operations at the highest efficiency. Every missed opportunity for improvement is potential lost profit and business. OTC Industrial Technologies’ compressed air services, including DIRECTAIR®, are a better, more efficient, and cost-effective way to manage your compressed air needs. Because OTC is an end-to-end solution provider of compressed air services and products, you can pick and choose what you need to get the best possible service and equipment. OTC is a pioneer in compressed air as a utility service. This FOURTH UTILITYSM compressed air service was first developed by OTC, and today we deliver DIRECTAIR® service to hundreds of facilities across the country.

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